About Us

Founded in 1998 the company has a long standing reputation for professionalism and excellence in construction of linear cable structured communication objects.

In a very short time, due to the professionalism of specialists whose efforts enabled to lay thousands of kilometers of long-distance cable lines throughout the former USSR, competent pragmatic management and the will for further development made “Infocom” the leading company in the telecommunication construction field which is able to perform a comprehensive range of construction services.

The company has formed a team of highly qualified professionals with different levels of professional education and experience in the communication construction field in the mountain areas and complex geological and hydrological conditions in different regions of Ukraine.

In 2005 the quality management system for compliance of works with the international standard ІSO 9001:2001, currently 9001:2015 (photo) was certified at the company and a quality policy has been introduced.

1 Hlibna Str, Lviv, UkraineConstantly rising customer requirements for quality of work performance are ensured by compliance with high process discipline at all stages of construction, proper engineering training and the use of advanced technologies.

The dynamic development of the company, new job creation, regular payment of wages, expanding the scope of activity and constant updating of the main production assets have become the keys to high rating and reliable reputation among our customers and partners, guarantee of social protection of the employees at "Infocom".

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