Electrical Measurement Laboratory

Another subdivision of our company is an Electrical Measurement Laboratory. Its main function is to make measurements determined in the area of certification.

Electrical work

Electric installation work is one of the working areas of "Infocom". We carry out a full range of services including design and electric installations setting up, electric installation work of any complexity, coordination of the projects and their commissioning. "Infocom" holds necessary licenses for all types of electric installation work, our staff have the appropriate permits and approvals. In addition, our specialists take training courses regularly. All of this, including huge experience of our professionals (electricians, plumbers, engineer adjusters), enables us to perform work of any complexity and any volume, with quality and in a timely manner.

Performing electric installation work as a contractor for large and small projects, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner and responsible implementer of all types of work. When performing cabling and wiring of industrial sites, installing electrical wiring in commercial and storage premises and electrification of residential and commercial buildings, we use modern technical equipment, quality materials and technologies that meet regulations and requirements.

"Infocom" has extensive experience in electric installation work at production facilities, such as warehouses, factories, repair shops, etc.

Carrying out electric installation work at production facilities includes the following:

  • Laying and installation of power cables
  • Layout of premises in accordance with the design documentation
  • Selection of electrical equipment, checking measurements of the electric wiring length
  • Installation of electrical group wiring and distribution lines
  • Installation of switchboard equipment and fitting cable ends
  • Installation of a ground loop inside and outside the building
  • Electric installation work on commercial sites
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