The company operates in the market in the construction of communication and laying communications since 1998.

"Infocom" Ltd is the main contractor for the design and construction of cable lines, communication facilities, utilities, buildings and structures. The manufacturing activity is carried out in accordance with the license of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine № 525 467 AE series (photo), the permissions of the State Committee on Mining Industrial Supervision to perform high risk work № 678.13.46-42.22 and use the high risk equipment № 721.13.46-42.22 in compliance with the rules and standards of the existing regulations.

The main areas of the company specialization are:

  • Integrated design and construction of fiber-optic and traditional communication lines and power lines;
  • Construction of telecommunication run;
  • Construction of engineering water supply and sanitation networks;
  • Reconstruction and maintenance of communication lines and power cables;
  • Construction and maintenance of buildings and structures;
  • Installation of digital transmission system equipment, power supply and grounding equipment;
  • Installation and measurement work on all types of communication, power cables and grounding devices;
  • Developing crossings below communications (rivers, lakes, ponds, railroads, roads, pipelines) up to 300 m in length and 3-4 m underground using Horizontal directional drilling method (HDD);
  • Earthworks and trenching: trench development and excavation for foundations and engineering services, landscape planning and installation of embankments.
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