Construction and repair works

"Infocom" Ltd carries out the construction and renovation of the projects, performs installation, repair and construction of public and residential buildings and premises of any complexity level: renovating and redecorating apartments, offices and cottages.

The department of industrial and civil construction of the company built its own office building in Lviv, the buildings of maintenance-free regeneration points and diesel stations in Nova Vodolaha and Bohodukhiv in Kharkiv region, Ohtyrka in Sumy region, the company also repaired and adapted more than 50 facilities of maintenance-free regeneration points in the buildings of regional telecommunication centers in different regions of Ukraine, renovated and equipped with facilities more than 20 premises of “Idea Bank” in Lviv, Kyiv, Chernihiv, Cherkasy, Odesa and Simferopol .

The ever-growing customer demands concerning the quality of carried out work are enabled on account of adherence to high level procedures discipline at all stages of construction, appropriate training in engineering and the use of advanced technologies.

Types of repair and finishing works:

  • Major repairs: replacement of plumbing, piping, wiring, doors, windows, floor leveling, and the other tasks of internal space reorganization, it also may include working with redecorations.
  • Redecorating: restoration of walls and ceiling (leveling, covering with any finishing materials), tiling wall surfaces, parquet floors restoration, floor changing and more.
  • Renovation: major repairs and redecoration using modern materials of high quality, modern technology and expensive equipment.
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