Horizontal directional drilling

Infocom Ltd has successfully been using a trenchless technology for more than ten years to lay pipelines and networks (water and gas supply networks, sewerage, electrical and communication cables, alarming systems) at the various projects using horizontal directional drilling (HDD) throughout Ukraine.

Horizontal directional drilling in Lviv, Ukraine

Drilling in difficult geological conditions either in the environmentally important area or in the city heart, we always work in order to set up up-to-date communication lines.

Based on the construction site examination made by our experts we are able to carry out set tasks efficiently complying with the highest technological standards at a competitive price.

Pipes installation using HDD method is done at the specified depth without any damage to the pavement, lawns, city infrastructure elements, the bottom surface of rivers, channels and water basins.


The advantages of HDD:

  • Less interference into the environment and less expenses than traditional open excavation;
  • Relatively short time of work;
  • Minimized surface intrusion;
  • More secure than installations above the ground and trench installations;
  • Possibility of a deeper installation in order to avoid surface obstacles such as roads, railways or rivers;
  • Possibility to lay pipes more deeply and at a longer distance.


Bentonite for sale

We sell a high quality bentonite for HDD such brands as BESTBORE, TEQGEL HD, TEQGEL SPECIAL, TEQGEL S and HEKTONIT from the European manufacturer - «HEADS» company.

Bentonite that we offer is manufactured in compliance with the quality standards and is suitable for use in horizontal directional drilling as well as in oilfield, microtunneling, water well drilling, mineral exploration holes and slurry walls technology.

Bentnonite by «HEADS» minimize drilling problems, provide wellbore stability, water loss control and help reduce torque and drag in long horizontal wells. Products are non-toxic and environmentally safe. Bentonite is packed in 25 kg multiwall paper sacks by the manufacturer.

Please email us to find out more about bentonite and their properties.


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